Dr. Scientist The Atmosphere


Experimental reverb with presets and MIDI.

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Highlights 16 different reverb algorithms:
Spring, Hall, Octave, Rotary, Plate, Smear (delay diffusing into reverb), Vibro, Gated, Swell, Filter, ModFX, React, Aether (reverse delay/reverb), Room, Alias (reduce reverb sample rate), Pitch
Built-in LFO and hi/low pass filter
RES knob voltage starves gradually the reverb circuit - from lo-fi to pristine, max resolution
Exp input for expression pedal (min. 50k) or CV
0-100% dry/wet
Bypass Selectable true bypass or buffered bypass (trails)
Power consumption 9-18V DC center negative, 300mA (100-240V PSU with US-plugtype included)
Please note that higher voltage demands more current, i.e.
9V DC = 300mA
18V DC = 800mA
Dimensions H: 5,9 cm (incl. knobs)
W: 6,1 cm
D: 12,2 cm
Weight 348 g.