Fuzzrocious Pedals Demon King (Momentary Feedback Mod)


Low to medium gain overdrive. King-size version of Demon. Modded edition with momentary footswitch for self-oscillation.

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The Demon King is the “king sized” version of the Fuzzrocious Demon, a low to medium-high gain drive with distortion-like capabilities. With the gate/boost mod, it jumps into the gated fuzz range! The Demon King can do the “just on the verge of breakup” thing at low drive settings or a pushed amp sound at higher drive settings.


Bypass True bypass
Power consumption 9V DC center negative (power supply sold separately)
Dimensions H: 5,8 cm (incl. knobs)
W: 14,5 cm
D: 12 cm
Weight 466 g