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The GFI System Cabzeus is an algorithm-based speaker-cabinet-miking simulator system. Connected direct to your gears this device enables you to obtain the sound of a miked-guitar amp cabinet without the hassle of miking your cabinets. Extending this basic function, we’ve built into Cabzeus a plethora of unique and powerful features that goes beyond simple speaker simulations.

Cabzeus has 2 independent channels, each with its own input, thru, and output. Using a special software that we provide you can freely customize the simulation aspects (speaker type, cabinet type, mic placement, etc.) of each channel independently. To help you get the most of your stereo setup, GFI also included powerful stereo processing functions such as adding short delays (0.02 ms to 125 ms) to one of the channels, blending two simulation channels and independent volume and phase control.

You can connect a wide range of input sources to the GFI System Cabzeus, ranging from your favorite stompboxes, preamps, your head amp’s speaker out, to any music player. Its stereo balanced outputs are capable of driving long cables straight to mixing console or FOH speakers. These outputs are tolerant to phantom power, they will not be damaged by accidental application of phantom power.


Highlights Compact dual speaker/cabinet/mic simulator
Two independent channels for stereo set-ups
8 presets, 2 inputs, 2 thrus, 2 outputs
Built in D.I. with XLR outputs
Input-pad 0 dB (unity gain), -20 dB, -30 dB
Headphone-output (adjustable gain)
MIDI input, USB-port
Editor can be downloaded
Power consumption 9V DC center negative (power supply sold separately)
100 mA
Dimensions H: 5,5 cm (incl. knobs)
W: 12 cm
D: 9 cm
Weight 600 g.