Jackson Audio Asabi


Mateus Asato signature overdrive/distortion.

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Jackson Audio has not only improved and boosted up the drive circuits that ship with the product, they’ve also turned the entire pedal into a fully modular beast as the world’s first pedal platform to feature replaceable distortion circuits! Dead simple to install, these affordable modules allow you to buy the pedal once and update it with new modules as time goes on. The MODERN HIGH GAIN module that ships with the ASABI is based on the venerable Marshall JCM800 and delivers true Marshall “Amp In a Box Distortion” at any volume. This module gives you a plethora of tones ranging from classic rock to crushing heavy metal. The LARGE MOUSE module, which can be purchased separately, is based on the legendary ProCo Rat and delivers all the snarl and spit of the original, but with all the Jackson control features you’ve never heard or seen a Rat like this before! To make the LARGE MOUSE even more faithful to the original, Jackson procured the mythical LM308 chip that is used in the most sought-after vintage units!Adding in a separate ‘Plexi’ voiced Overdrive circuit and incorporating the Jackson Audio signature modern-day control features – such as Clipping Styles, a 3-band Active EQ for maxing out the pedal’s tonal flexibility, their innovative GAIN CYCLE circuit and full MIDI control – the result is undoubtedly one of the most versatile platforms for drive tones ever created.


Highlights 4 clipping-diode modes: symmetrical silicon (tubescreamer), asymmetrical clipping, symmetrical clipping with 4 silicium-diodes, vintage Marshall)
4 onboard boost-modes (hold BOOST)
Optional Large Mouse (LM308 Rat) module
Active 3-band Baxandall EQ for optimal tone shaping
MIDI control of all parameters, on/off and boost
Handmade in Forth Worth, Texas, USA
Bypass True bypass
Power consumption 9V DC center negative (power supply sold separately)
160 mA
Dimensions H: 7 cm (incl. knobs)
W: 6,8 cm
D: 12,3 cm
Weight 320 g.