JAM Pedals Red Muck MK.2


Big Muff-type fuzz based on the '71 Triangle Knob/Cilvil War muffs.

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Inspired by the ’71 Triangle and the later Red Army / Civil War Muffs, the JAM Pedals Red Muck boasts a wider gamut of saturation and varied degrees of compression and sustain on tap.

The boost footswitch engages a dedicated section of the circuit, separately tuned to hit the front end of the Red Muck and generate even fatter walls of Fuzz-Distortion or with the Gain set lower, function as a High-Gain-Stage footswitch.

The 2-way toggle-switch selects between symmetrical (exactly like the Red Muck mk.1) and asymmetrical “+” clipping modes! Be it early lyrical sustaining Muff tones or massive Stoner-Fuzz- Distortion wall of sound you are after, the Bear’s got your back.

“…the Red Muck has POWER !!!” Greg Koch

“I warmly recommend the Red Muck” gilmourish.com


Highlights Fuzz based on vintage EHX Big Muff fuzz
2-way toggleswitch for symmetrical/asymmetrical clipping
Higher-gain footswitch for 2 gain-settings
Handbuilt in Athens, Greece
Bypass True bypass
Power consumption 9V DC center negative (power supply sold separately)
12 mA
Dimensions H: 5,6 cm
W: 7,5 cm
D: 12 cm
Weight 300 g.