Mission Engineering SP-1-BK


Universal expression-pedal with 10K pot and extra output for toeswitch-control.

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The first Mission pedal and still one of our top selling products, the SP-1 has two output jacks, one for the expression pedal and one for the switch. The SP-1 can be used with compatible devices such as digital effects and MIDI controllers to turn effects such as a wah or vibrato on and off at the pedal itself.

The SP-1 is compatible with many popular digital amps, effects and MIDI controllers including Fractal Audio Systems Axe-FX, FM3 and FC controllers and Voodoo Lab Ground Control Pro.


Highlights Universal expression-pedal
10K potmeter
2 outputs:
Control switch output
Dimensions H: 7,2 cm
W: 10,1 cm
D: 25,2 cm
Weight 1513 g.
Miscellaneous TRS output
Adjustable tension
Strong metal chassis
High-quality components

Hex key for tension adjustment included