MXR Mini Iso Brick


Ultra compact high current multi power supply with 5 isolated, regulated outlets.

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The MXR M239 Mini Iso Brick Power Supply has five isolated 9V DC outlets, four of them supplying 9V DC at 300 mA each, while the fifth can be set to either 9V or 18V DC and can handle effects pedals up to 800 mA. Very travelfriendly size and weight, good for the smaller travel set-up. 6 standard DC cables are included in the box so you’re good to go.


Highlights Fits under Pedaltrain Nano and Metro pedalboards
Lightweight-design, ideal for the compact travel pedalboard
4 x 9V DC outlets, each 300 mA
1 x 9V or 18V DC outlet, 800 mA
6 x DC power cables to pedals included in the box (2.1x5.5mm stik)
Weight 120 g., 333 g. with the accompanying plug-in power supply