Neunaber Wet Mono Reverb V4


Versatile world-class mono reverb.

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Neunaber from California is a family-run pedal manufacturer specializing in DSP technology. Electrical engineer Brian Neunaber has designed professional audio applications since 1994 and is noteworthy the brain behind the Accutronics Digi-Log reverb module used in the majority of boutique reverb pedals. Neunaber’s own specially developed reverb algorithms are truly world-class, and the company also offers a hauntingly beautiful selection of modulation effects and delays. The philosophy is clear: The best solutions are simple and elegant.


Highlights Soft switching
Mix from 0-100% wet
Small footprint
Analog dry path
Bypass Buffered bypass
Power consumption 9-12V DC center negative (power supply sold separately)
80 mA
Dimensions H: 4,3 cm (incl. knobs)
W: 6,3 cm
D: 11,9 cm
Weight 196 g