Old Blood Noise Endeavors AB/Y


Compact A/B/Y switcher.

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Old Blood Noise Endeavors is based in Norman, Oklahoma. One of the main forces behind the company, Brady Smith, has played a vital role at Walrus Audio, and went his own way in 2014 with the release of echo wonder Black Fountain. Old Blood Noise Endeavors works in a boundary pushing intersection where unconventional effects mashups and features is incorporated in each product. The result is a catalog of completely unique pedals.

The second addition of the OBNE Utility Line, the classic AB/Y Switcher. It’s simple: sometimes you need two outputs, sometimes you need two inputs. And then you need to switch between them. Or use them both at the same time. That’s it. It’s not magic. It’s not revolutionary. It’s a simple tool. A tool that you can now get from Old Blood.


Highlights Passive AB/Y - power only needed for light in LEDs
Shift between two outputs or combine them
Can also be reversed to shift/combine two inputs
Made in USA
Power consumption 9V DC center negative (power supply sold separately)
1 mA
Dimensions H: 4,5 cm (incl. footswitches)
W: 11,1 cm
D: 6 cm
Weight 197 g