Origin Effects RevivalDRIVE Hot Rod


Hot-rodded edition of RevivalDRIVE with more gain on tap.

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From searing lead tones to super-saturated chords and palm-muted riffs, the RevivalDRIVE Hot Rod delivers two channels of aggressive high-gain tone with tons of tweakability, including a fully adjustable mid boost, the unique GHOST control and comprehensive RE-AMP EQ controls.

Origin Effects has unearthed and analysed some of the most influential mods created by notable amp techs of the early ‘70s then applied them to the RevivalDRIVE Hot Rod’s valve amp-style signal path. These mods pushed the sonic boundaries of these classic amps and ushered in an era of heavy rock bands and super-saturated guitar tones. The result is a pedal that retains the RevivalDRIVE’s astonishingly amp-like response but covers a completely new expanse of tonal territory


Highlights Controls:
CHANNEL SWITCH – toggle between two identical sets of controls with two different rectifier options
VOLUME – adjusts input level for amount of overdrive. Past 2 o’clock enters hot-rodded levels of gain.
OUTPUT – overdrive and blended level
LOWS – adjusts the amount of low-end distortion
MORE|PRES – reduces the power-stage’s negative feedback (CCW) or increases the presence (CW)
GHOST – adds sag and “ghost notes” to replicate the behaviour of inefficient amps of the ’50s and ’60s
BLEND – mix in your unaffected signal for parallel amp and subtle drive effects
DRY GAIN – cut or boost the blended dry signal
PRE-AMP – tonal recreations of hot-rodded preamps at the flick of a switch
BRIGHT-CAP – add chime or top-end aggression just like on the real amps
RE-AMP EQ – three presets allow quick compatibility when plugging into Blackface, Plexi, and flat-response amps. Fine tune the top-end further with HI SHELF and BRI-CAP CUT trimmers
MID-ASSIGN – boost by up to +8dB from anywhere between 780Hz and 1.9kHz. Apply to either channel or toggle on/off anytime with the optional footswitch
Power consumption 9V DC center negative (power supply sold separately)
Dimensions H: 5,9 cm (incl. knobs)
W: 11,7 cm
D: 16 cm
Weight 1200 g.