Walrus Audio Aetos


Compact multi power supply with toroidal transformer and 8 isolated, regulated 9V outlets.

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Aetos is an 8-output, isolated power supply, utilizing an internal custom wound toroidal transformer to provide the highest noise filtering and cleanest power, giving artists the purest sound in their signal chain. The Aetos fits under most pedalboards, including Pedaltrain.


Highlights 8 isolated, regulated outlets
6 x 9V outlets, 100 mA
2 x 9V outlets, 300 mA
Two 9V outlets can be combined as one 18V outlet with doubling cable (sold separately)
Toroidal transformer
Short circuit proof
Small size
Fits under most pedalboards incl. Pedaltrain Classic, Novo, and Terra
Power consumption 230V, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions H: 4,9 cm
W: 11,1 cm
D: 9,3 cm
Weight 650 g
Miscellaneous Cable kit and power cord included


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