JAM Pedals Retrovibe MK.3

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Univibe med fotoceller og NOS 2SC828 transistorer

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“I have been using a univibe Clone since the early 90’s live. The RetroVibe is right on track with the perfect sound we’ve all heard and love. It’s way more faithful and musical than other vibe pedals out there” J Mascis

“I literally was looking everywhere for the right kind of vibe. As you know I’m a tone freak and we’re always searching for the best…I just knew immediately that that’s the sound that I was looking for…whenever I need that tone, RetroVibe is by far my favourite one!” Andy Timmons

“I love the RetroVibe! It is a magic piece of equipment! It is almost on every single guitar track on the new record. I hardly turn it off these days!” Ruban Nielson

“The Retrovibe is my Vibe of choice. It has all of the “Vibe” of the original, particularly that illusive, complex midrange that responds so beautifully to pick attack. It behaves perfectly with Fuzz Face type pedals and is more transparent than any of the old Univibes I have heard. That it is so compact is quite a bonus and mine has Laurel and Hardy on it (I got lucky – the rest of you get flowers, Ha!)” Julien Kasper


Highlights Håndbygget i Grækenland
Bypass True bypass
Strømforbrug 9V DC center negativ (strømforsyning sælges separat)
80 mA
Dimensioner H: 5,1 cm
B: 9,5 cm
D: 12 cm
Vægt 350 g.