General terms

Returns policy webshop inside EU
We offer a full 14-day returns policy on online purchases shipped to an address in the EU from the day you receive the item. The item(s) can be tried shortly and carefully, but must not be taken into full-on daily use to qualify for a return.

You do not have to specify a reason for your return, however please observe the steps outlined in “Returns” to make sure you qualify for a refund/achieve a full refund.

Also keep in mind that if we see repeated returns and no completed sales we reserve the right to refuse future orders.

Returns policy webshop outside EU
All sales shipped outside EU are final.
Due to tax and customs work we unfortunately can’t offer 14 days return on international sales outside EU.

Returns policy physical store
We offer an 8-day exchange policy on purchases in our physical store in Copenhagen. We exchange for other goods or a voucher.

Your can use your right of return/exchange if the product is returned complete and in the same condition as at the time of purchase. Your right of return/exchange lapses if the item is used in a way that reduces the sales value.

When purchasing effects pedals and other electronics equipment the packaging is an essential part of the item’s value. Therefore the packaging must always be included when returning an item.

Please note that we do not offer return-labels – the return shipping from you to us will be paid by you.

If you wish to return an item, please email us for further instructions.

We offer a 2 year limited warranty on all purchases (except strings, velcro, batteries etc.). This means that you can either have defective items repaired or replaced, or be issued a full refund or a reduction in price depending on the specific situation.

Warranty claims must be made within a reasonable time and no later than 2 months after the item’s defect is discovered.

Our authorized repair department will attempt to repair defective items. If the item can not be repaired within a reasonable time, we will replace it if possible.

You will be responsible for the shipping costs from you to us, we will cover the shipping from us to you.

If you wish to make a warranty claim, please email us for further instructions.

We are not responsible for any delay caused by repairs or replacement of returned items, unless otherwise stated by Danish law.

Extended manufacturer/distributor warranty
Some of the manufacturers/distributors we work with offer an extended manufacturer warranty, which exceeds the 2 year limited warranty included with your purchase from us. To make use of this warranty, you must contact the manufacturer/distributor directly, and Effektpedaler can not act as intermediary in warranty claim cases concerning extended manufacturer warranty.

Rejectance of orders, Fair Use Clause
We reserve the right to refuse any order and close any customer accounts for, but not limited to, the below reasons; if fraud is suspected, harassment, chicane, behaviour damaging to the company or the companys reputation, heavily rude language, behaviour being a burden for the company financially, extreme number of returns far exceeding number of completed sales (we’re not a pedal-library) or other extreme and volatile behaviour.

We take reservations for misprints, price changes, and that items at the time of ordering may be sold out. If we are unable to complete your order, we will get in touch as soon as possible and no later than 24 hours on weekdays after the order is placed.

Special terms and conditions apply when purchasing kits from BYOC
When you buy a BYOC kit from us, the following conditions apply:

  • You must print the manual yourself. The manual is available in English only.
  • You must assemble the kit yourself.
  • It is not our responsibility if the kit is assembled incorrectly.
  • Returns/exchanges of BYOC kits are only accepted if the kit is still sealed.
  • All support is referred to BYOC’s discussion forum.
  • We can only help if the kit is incomplete (e.g. missing parts).

Complaints can be addressed to

The EU Commission’s online complaint portal ODR can also be used for filing a complaint. This is relevant if you reside in another EU country. When filing the complaint, you must enter our email address