About Effektpedaler

Effektpedaler.dk was established in 2006 as a webshop focusing on boutique pedals for guitar and bass players. In 2009 we opened a brick-and-mortar store at Nansensgade in the heart of Copenhagen. We now have Denmark’s largest selection of boutique effects from all over the world. We also make repairs and full pedalboard solutions etc. Repairs can be handed in at the store, pedalboard set-ups/rig building must always be with a confirmed appointment.

Do not hesitate to pay us a visit if you’re in town!

About try-outs: Try-out is free for registered customers who has bought 1 pedal within the year. Pedal-tuners and loopers also apply. We welcome new customers and tourists, try out can be done for 250,- DKK per. running half hour. The try-out fee will be subtracted 100% on any pedal purchase made up to 14 days after the try-out.

Try-outs are always under consideration to other customers, staff, neighbors etc. If many customers want to try at the same time, try-out times must be allocated, so all get a chance to try. Any set-up different than electric guitar/bass, involving for example brass instruments, woodwind, cello, steel drums, harps etc. always requires a confirmed appointment.

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