JAM Pedals Waterfall

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Analog chorus/vibrato

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JAM Pedals Waterfall er en helt igennem analog chorus/vibrato. Waterfall kan enten være chorus eller pitch-vibrato, man vælger hvilken via C/V toggleswitch. JAM Pedals Waterfall har en +/- switch, der skifter mellem mere udtalt og mere diskret chorus-modulation. Waterfall har en intern trimpot, hvor man kan justere max. modulation for chorus.

“I like the WaterFall pedal and use it a lot now. It does what my old chorus did and some cool new stuff that I’ve never heard before!” John Scofield

“I love this pedal (WaterFall), it sounds great and mixes well with other effects! It’s always on my pedalboard nowadays!” Steve Lukather

“The WaterFall introduces itself as a chorus pedal but is much more than that. I use it for rotating speaker sounds as well as for amazingly wild, wobbly pitch-shifting effects that are like nothing else out there. Very special.” Nels Cline


Highlights Analog chorus/vibrato
Med MN3207 BBD chips
+/- toggleswitch for mere eller mindre chorus-effekt
Soft-click relay switching
Håndbygget i Grækenland
Bypass True bypass
Strømforbrug 9V DC center negativ (strømforsyning sælges separat)
9 mA
Dimensioner H: 5,6 cm (inkl. knapper)
B: 7,5 cm
D: 12 cm
Vægt 300 g.