Wampler Paisley Drive

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Brad Paisley signatur-overdrive.

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“…we actually recorded this (pedal) in the studio, you know, trying it out. I turned up a Trainwreck Amp that I’ve got and compared the sound of the distortion and it was very, very similar. And that’s a very good test because any time a pedal can mimic a great overdriven amp then you’re on to something…” – Brad Paisley


Highlights Håndbygget af komponenter i højeste kvalitet
Bypass True bypass
Strømforbrug 9-18V DC center negativ (strømforsyning sælges separat)

9 mA
Dimensioner H: 5,2 cm (inkl. knapper)

B: 6,3 cm

D: 12 cm
Vægt 320 g