KMA Audio Machines Stereo AB/Y


Stereo AB/Y.

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KMA’s Stereo AB/Y features a fully passive design for the best signal integrity, along with their true bypass active silent relay-based soft switching. While that might be a hell of a wordy mouthful, what it means practically is that the audio signal itself is entirely untouched and without any colouration. Plus, you can use the device in either direction, for sending to different sets of amps or effects or for switching inputs/ instruments/devices into your chain.

Whether you’re looking to switch or combine your stereo input signal between two separate destinations or switch or combine two separate stereo input signals into a single output, the KMA Machines Stereo AB/Y pedal is a dependable little helper for your tonal quest. Created with a focus on durability, reliability, simplicity and hassle-free operation, this passive ABY switcher also features true bypass active silent relay-based soft switching to reduce mechanical noise and unwanted pops and clicks when in use.


Highlights Passive Stereo ABY pedal with active switching
Active silent relay-based soft switching, heavily reduces mechanical noise and pops
Omnidirectional, for 2 into 1 or 1 into 2 operation
3 distinct LED colours indicates the selected signal path
Durable compact enclosure for years of reliable switching
Top-mounted jacks, will fit into any setup
Made in Berlin, Germany
Bypass True bypass
Power consumption 9V DC center negative (power supply sold separately)
40 mA
Dimensions H: 5,6 cm (incl. footswitches)
W: 11,2 cm
D: 6,5 cm
Weight 254 g.