Revv Amplication is a small but world-class Canadian operation that started out building amplifiers by hand, with detail-oriented focus and high-quality parts. Taking pride in their products, circuit boards are all hand crafted, yet their modern and original circuit design principals is what allows them to meet their goals of superior tone.

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  • Revv Tilt Boost

    Revv Tilt Boost

    Boost with the Tilt EQ from the Shawn Tubbs signatureoverdrive
  • Revv G8 Noise Gate 213.00
  • Revv G3

    Revv G3

    Tight, clear high-gain distortion based on the Revv Purple Channel 3
  • Revv G4

    Revv G4

    Thick, saturated high-gain distortion based on the Revv Red Channel 4

Showing all 4 results