Meris slowly began emerging in 2014 when Strymon founder Terry Burton sought new challenges. Burton's high sonic integrity and innovative nature have made him one of the most respected contemporary effects pedal designers, and Meris has consequently gained a lot of attention from the start. Meris has a more experimental sound profile than Burton's previous projects. A focus on abstract and ethereal soundscapes to set your creativity free. The outcome is in a class of its own.

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  • Meris Hedra

    Meris Hedra

    3-Voice Rhythmic Pitch Shifter
  • Meris Enzo

    Meris Enzo

    Multi-voice guitar synth
  • Meris Mercury7

    Otherwordly reverb inspired by Vangelis' 1982 Bladerunner soundtrack
  • Meris Ottobit Jr.

    Hybrid bitcrusher, stutter, and sequencer inspired by vintage gaming consoles
  • Meris Polymoon

    Super-modulated delay inspired by cascaded rack gear
  • Meris Preset Switch

    Switcher for easy recall of up to four presets on Meris pedals
  • Meris MIDI I/O

    MIDI interface for controlling up to four pedals from Meris, Empress Effects, and Chase Bliss Audio

Showing all 7 results