Boss DM-101 Delay Machine


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Analog delays based around BBD (bucket-brigade device) microchips emerged in the 1970s as a compact and cost-effective alternative to the standard tape delays of the era. Their warm, saturated, and highly musical sound established a distinctive style of delay that remains favored by many musicians and audio engineers. Leveraging modern CPU control, the DM-101 supercharges this classic effect with enhanced capabilities for today’s music makers.

The DM-101 takes the analog delay where it’s never gone before, providing access to cleaner sounds and extended delay times alongside traditional tones. To achieve this versatility, we used eight 2048-stage BBDs instead of the more common 4096-stage BBD. By finely tuning the behavior of these smaller BBDs with targeted CPU control, we can realize a far greater range of sound while retaining all the desirable analog characteristics that players love about their favorite BBD stomps.

Classic sound meets modern power with the DM-101 Delay Machine, the ultimate analog delay. Driven by eight BBDs under smart CPU control, this inspiring pedal delivers 12 unique modes, stereo operation, and a wide array of tonal colors, all while maintaining 100 percent analog signal processing throughout. And with 127 user memories, tap tempo, carryover, MIDI, and more, the DM-101 brings you the features and versatility of an advanced digital pedal—but with the vibrant, characterful sound that’s only possible with authentic analog BBD circuitry.


Highlights Analog stereodelay with 8 BBD chips
12 unique analog delaytypes
4 onboard presets, 127 via MIDI
Tap-tempo and spill-over
Exp. input for footswitch or exp. pedal
Stereo input/output
Bypass Buffered bypass
Power consumption 9V DC center negative (power supply included)
260 mA
Dimensions H: 5,3 cm (incl. knobs and feet)
W: 19,2 cm
D: 13,3 cm
Weight 830 g.
Manufacturer warranty BOSS five-year warranty