Boss OD-200 Hybrid Drive


Overdrive with 12 different drivemodes and built-in noise-gate.

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The OD-200 Hybrid Drive brings next-level sound, feel, and flexibility to overdrive and distortion, combining decades of BOSS tone expertise with innovative technologies. This dream pedal is capable of producing any drive tone you can imagine, offering 12 unique modes, hybrid analog/digital circuitry, three-band EQ, and powerful pre and post boosts for ultra-detailed gain shaping. There’s even an advanced gate circuit on board, ideal for both eliminating noise and adding tightness and aggression to high-gain drive tones.


Highlights 12 different drivemodes
Three-band EQ and powerful pre- and post boosts
Hybrid analog/digital circuit
32-bit AD/DA, 32-bit floating point-processing and 96 kHz sampling rate
Built-in noise-gate
Bypass Buffered bypass
Dimensions H: 6 cm
W: 10,1 cm
D: 13,8 cm