Cioks 8 Expander


Expansion for Cioks DC7 with 8 isolated high current outlets with adjustable voltage and ultra low profile.

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CIOKS 8 is the largest switch-mode power supply by CIOKS and it features 8 isolated outlets which each deliver 9V DC with 660mA. Four of the outlets offer four selectable voltages (9V, 12, 15 and 18V).

CIOKS 8 was designed to be used in two different ways: as a large extension to DC7 in case you need more outlets or as a stand-alone power supply. If you want to use CIOKS 8 as an extension to DC7, simply connect the CIOKS 8 to the courtesy 24V on your DC7 and you are good to go.

If you are looking for a super powerful power supply setup to power a large pedalboard, the combination of CIOKS DC7 and CIOKS 8 will definitely be an awesome solution where this combo will give you 15 isolated outlets in total plus a 5V USB outlet to charge your smartphone or tablet.

In case you want to use CIOKS 8 as a stand-alone power supply, you can power it with an adapter putting out anything from 9V to 24V DC or 9V to 12V AC. This means you can easily power it with the type of adapter you would normally use to run a single effects pedal, a laptop adapter or any other common adapter you have laying around. To get the full output power of all 8 isolated outlets the supply voltage to CIOKS 8 should be 24V DC.


Weight 334 g.
Miscellaneous Cable kit and EIAJ-cable for connecting to DC7 included
Manufacturer warranty 5 years according to the manufacturer's website