Crazy Tube Circuits XT Sidekick Footswitch


Remoteswitch to turn Modulation on/off on Sidekick JR.

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Use the XT footswitch to control the operation of the modulation section of the Sidekick JR independently. Engage or true bypass the modulation effect.


Highlights XT footswitch bypasses the onboard modulation operation assign toggle switch of the Sidekick JR
Connect to the XT jack input of the pedal
For the XT footswitch to operate properly - use standard TS instrument jacks / cable only
XT footswitch function is not affected by the power-up bypass/engage preset function of the onboard footswitches of Sidekick JR
Power consumption Passive operation, no power needed
Dimensions H: 4,8 cm (inkl. footswitch)
W: 5,1 cm
D: 5,1 cm
Weight 88 g.