Death By Audio Space Bender


Sci-fi chorus/vibrato/flanger modulation pedal.

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The Death By Audio Space Bender chorus modulator replicates and warps your signal into beautiful and organic transmissions from a dimension somewhere beyond linear time.

Under the hood lies an array of dynamically modulated delay lines allowing you to craft subtle vintage sci-fi sounds, bending sonic bedlam, and pulsing atmospheres. Never again will you say this chorus pedal just isn’t intense enough!

These in combination with the rocker switch settings let you move smoothly through a wide range of effect types allowing for new ways of thinking and experimenting with modulated delay, chorus, and flanger. Stretch and pull your sound waves to craft glassy bell resonances, massive reverse dive bombs, and seasick demon drones with a simple (but deep) interface.

The spectrum of living, breathing sound manipulations stowed within the SPACE BENDER serves as an interstellar gateway for the next wave of musicians to create a universe of haunting and unexplored soundscapes. See you on the other side!


Highlights Experimental modulationpedal with LFO control
Controls: Speed, Depth, Delaytime, Modulator, Intensity
Internal trimpot for output gain (from unity to boost)
Handbuilt in NYC, USA
Power consumption 9V DC center negative (power supply sold separately)
65 mA
Dimensions H: 5,7 cm (incl. knobs)
W: 6,3 cm
D: 12,7 cm
Weight 264 g.
Manufacturer warranty 4 years extended warranty (info included on purchase)