Dunlop 535Q Cry Baby


Wah with Range Selector, variable Q, and up to +16 dB volume boost.

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Dunlop engineers worked closely with the world’s top guitar players to design the 535Q Cry Baby Multi-Wah, a pedal that allows you to fine-tune your wah sound and make it your own. This is the Swiss Army knife of wah pedals. Its six-position Range Selector control allows you to choose from six different frequency ranges, each position based on the unique tonal characteristics of our most prized wah specimens. The Variable Q control allows you to take the 535Q’s response from narrow and sharp to broad and subtle with the twist of a control. Once you’ve got your sound, make sure it gets heard with the switchable boost-adjustable up to +18 dB that can create endless sustain on any note. The 535Q provides control over the most important wah parameters so you can create your ultimate wah tone.


Highlights Range Selector with 6 sweep ranges
Variable Q
Up to +16 dB volume boost
Bypass True bypass
Power consumption 9V DC center negative (power supply sold separately)
2,5 mA
Dimensions H: 7,5 cm
W: 10 cm
D: 25,5 cm
Weight 1580 g


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