EarthQuaker Devices Afterneath V3


Otherworldly reverb.

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EarthQuaker Devices has taken everything that was great about the original Afterneath and made it even better: 9 new Modes, CV/expression pedal control over the Drag parameter, Trails/No Trails Switching, helping to push the already unflappable Afterneath into a whole new realm.

• Same otherworldly reverb algorithm built from an adjustable cluster of short delays
• Ranges from scattered individual delays to an immersive wash of atmospheric reverb
• New control over the Drag parameter with 9 unique modes of user-selectable sweep.  These new modes of operation push the already unflappable Afterneath into a whole new realm:
1. Unquantized: Smooth, unquantized response over the operating range
2. Unquantized with Slew: Smooth, unquantized response over the entire operating range, but with a musical slew that is reminiscent of turning the varispeed knob on a vintage British tape delay. The “Drag” will lag behind the knob or cv changes, but then quickly catch up
3. Unquantized Volt/Octave: Smooth and unquantized, yet scaled to align with the 1v/octave curve to allow melodic modulation of audio in the buffer, or control the frequency of self-oscillation like a voltage-controlled oscillator
4. Chromatic Scale: Quantized 1v/octave to the chromatic scale
5. Major Scale: Quantized 1v/octave to the major scale
 6. Minor Scale: Quantized 1v/octave to the minor scale
 7. Pentatonic Scale: Quantized 1v/octave to the pentatonic scale
 8. Octaves & Fifths: Quantized 1v/octave to omit all but octaves and fifths
 9. Octaves: Quantized 1v/octave to omit all but octaves


Highlights 9 different modes
CV/EXP-control of Drag
Analog dry-through
Selectable tails/no tails
Flexi-switch - momentary/latching
Handbuilt in Akron, Ohio, USA
Bypass Selectable true bypass or buffered bypass
Power consumption 9V DC center negative (power supply sold separately)
100 mA
Dimensions H: 5,7 cm (incl. knobs)
W: 6,3 cm
D: 12,1 cm
Weight 370 g.