Eventide TriceraChorus


Tri-chorus with 3 individual voices, stereo in/out, presets, MIDI and more.

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Inspired by the classic Tri-Stereo Chorus and stompbox choruses of the 1970s and early 1980s, the TriceraChorus pedal pairs rich Bucket Brigade-style chorusing with Eventide’s legendary MicroPitch detuning for a lushness that rivals the jungles of the late Cretaceous Period.

Eventide TriceraChorus features three chorus voices and three unique chorus effects which can be used to create a wide stereo spread with pulsing waves of modulation. The innovative Swirl footswitch adds psychedelic flanging, phasing, and Univibe-style tones. It has never been easier to dial in syrupy smooth, deep modulation on guitar, bass, synths, strings, vocals, and more.


Highlights Tri-chorus with 3 individual chorus voicings
3 chorus types: Chorus, Vibrato, Chorale
5 onboard presets, 127 via MIDI
Works for both guitar, bass and synths with the Line/guitar selector
Selectable mono/stereo operation
MIDI over TRS or USB
Expressionpedal (optional) can control all parameters
Kill/dry for use in amp effects-loop
mini-USB socket for Editor software
Bypass Selectable true bypass, buffered bypass, DSP+FX or Kill-dry
Power consumption 9V DC center negative (power supply included)
200 mA
Dimensions H: 6 cm (incl. knobs)
W: 10,2 cm
D: 10,8 cm
Weight 480 g.