Evidence Audio Blackrock


High-end installation cable for patchcables.

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Evidence Audio Blackrock is a smaller diameter installation cable, designed for when space is at a premium such as with pedalboards racks and studio installations.

Evidence Audio Blackrock cable is true to the voicing priorities of Evidence Audio in a form factor which allows you to get great sound in small spaces. Strand interaction is mitigated with the same IGL-ECS conductor used in the Reveal and Forte cables. Blackrock can be soldered to a variety of plugs.


Highlights Same IGL-ECS conductor as used in Reveal and Forte cables
Flexible and bendable stranded-wire conductor and shield
For soldering high-end patch cables for pedalboard build and rig-building
Solders to any plug, only for soldering, not compatible with SIS plugs
Dimensions Ø: 3.93 mm outer-diameter