Fairfield Circuitry The Accountant


Compact JFET-based compressor, works well with synths, bass, guitars.

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Featuring all analogue, JFET feedback compression, The Fairfield Circuitry Accountant works well with all signal sources; guitars, bass, vocals, synths, even whole mixes. A simple control interface allows you to change the threshold, compression ratio and makeup gain.

The Accountant compressor is well suited to a number of tasks. Here a few typical compressor settings and their uses. These set- tings serve only as a guide, as your gear and your playing style will greatly affect the end result.

Light Compression (PAD : 0, RATIO : 0) : This type of compression is sometimes barely noticeable. There is a slight coloration, but noth- ing overbearing. This setting will help you to get a more consistent sound, to blend in better with other instruments, to ensure your quiet parts don’t go unheard.

Heavy Compression (PAD : 2, RATIO : 2) You will definitely hear the compression working. The effect will add a noticeable amount of richness and distortion to your sound, and everything you play will be louder than loud, all the time. The attack and release will also be heard, as a kind of pumping will be imparted to your playing. Just roll with it.

Limiter (PAD : 0, RATIO : 2) A limiter is a kind of compressor that has a high threshold and a high ratio (> 10 :1). You can emulate it’s function with these setting. Use when you want to set yourself an absolute maximum volume that you cannot exceed no matter how hard you try.


Highlights JFET-based compressor
Works for both synth, bass and guitar
3 comp ratios: 3:1, 6:1, 12:1
Input-pad for 0 dB, -8dB og -16dB
Make-up volume, fixed attack-time at 5ms, release at 500 ms
Made in Québec, Canada
Bypass True bypass
Power consumption 9V DC center negative (power supply sold separately)
12 mA
Dimensions H: 4,5 cm (incl. knobs)
W: 3,9 cm
D: 9,3 cm
Weight 146 g.