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The Archer Select is a uniquely functioning Boost/Overdrive. Over the years of K style pedals people have sworn by the influence of the proper NOS germanium clipping diodes in order for this particular design to be accurate to the original. There is so much speculation on the internet and certainly misleading information by the original designer.

J. Rockett decided to let your ears be the determining factor and to provide the ability for you to easily switch between 7 different clipping diode options. If you simply leave the clipping diode foot switch off it defaults to the stock diodes (OA10’s). With the clipping dial you can choose between 6 additional clipping diodes. Depending on which diodes you have the selector knob on you can A/B between the stock diodes and the selected diodes. Diodes range from lowest output to highest output when turning clockwise.

D.I. Speaker Simulator is something Rockett included for those who like to be able to monitor their OD sound via direct or have the option for direct recordings. The ground switch is solely there for the D.I. in case you have grounding issues.

Default Diodes are OA10’S. This means that when the clipping foot switch is not engaged these are the diodes you will hear. Once you engage the clipping foot switch you will hear whichever set of diodes you have selected on the clipping dial. Clipping dial options options 1-6:

• Option 1: 1N270 Germanium Diodes NOS
• Option 2: 1N695 Germanium Diodes NOS
• Option 3: 1N34A Germanium Diodes NOS
• Option 4: D9B Germanium Dioides NOS
• Option 5: D9E Germaniun Diodes NOS
• Option 6: Red LEDs

There is a subtle difference between all of the clipping diodes but they are arranged from the lowest volume output to highest volume output. This means between the OA10 diodes vs the Red LED’s there will be the biggest volume jump. As of production today these are the diodes we have selected, however, since all but the LED’s are NOS germanium diodes, availability can and will most likely change in the future. For now we have a healthy supply. Please experiment and remember you only hear clipping diodes when they are clipping so experiment with the gain.


Highlights The ultimate Klon with all 7 acclaimed diodes available
Controls: Output, Treble, Gain, Clipping diodes, ground switch
NOS germanium diodes
Clipping-footswitch (off = default, on = selected diode)
D.I. output with analogue speaker emulation and ground lift
Topmounted jacks, solid construction
Made in USA with quality components
Bypass Buffered bypass
Power consumption 9V DC center negative (power supply sold separately)
28 mA
Dimensions H: 4,7 cm (incl. knobs)
W: 7,2 cm
D: 10,7 cm
Weight 487 g.