Korg Pitchblack X Mini Tuner


Fast and compact-sized mini-tuner with extra strong buffer built-in.

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The Pitchblack X mini is the smallest tuner in the Pitchblack X series, and offers stress-free insertion into your gear-packed effects board. Weighing just 124 grams, this tuner features a powdered finish with a strong and durable housing. Besides the enlarged display, more meter LEDs have been added for superior visibility.

The bright mode (brightness) can be set at one of two levels, so that you can be sure to see the tuner display even better in situations where visibility is difficult, such as brightly lit stages and bright outdoor environments.

The Pitchblack X mini offers highly precise and accurate tuning within a precision of ±0.1 cents when in Strobe mode, making it ideal for situations where the tuning must be absolutely right whether performing or recording.

Select from four types of meter display to match your requirements. Aside from the typical “Regular” mode, you can use “Strobe” and “Half Strobe” mode to indicate changes in pitch by the direction and speed that the meter is flowing in to distinguish even the finest differences in pitch; and you can use “Mirror” mode to see two LEDs on the left and right crossing together towards the center as you tune your instrument.

The Pitchblack X features a new “just-right tuning” display function, which makes the triangular LEDs on both sides blink when the tuning is correct, helping tuning be a stress-free experience.


Highlights Compact and pedalboard-friendly tuner
Works equally well for both bass and guitar
Large easy-readable display
With built-in ULTRA buffer
4 display-modes: Regular, Strobe, Half-Strobe, Mirror
+/−0.1 cent tuning precision
Referencepitch A4 can be calibrated from 436–445 Hz
Brightness in display LED can be adjusted for optimal viewing in all situations
Bypass Buffered bypass
Power consumption 9V DC center negative (power supply sold separately)
30 mA
Dimensions H: 4,3 cm (incl. footswitch)
W: 4,5 cm
D: 9,3 cm
Weight 124 g.