Morningstar 5-Pin MIDI Cable, 60 cm.


5-pin MIDI cable from Morningstar.

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5-pin MIDI cables designed to be discreet and fitting for any scenario. Featuring compact connectors and flexible cables that can be pointed in any direction. Wasted space and obstructed ports are now a thing of the past.

Morningstar MIDI cables are active on all 5 pins, and will thus be able to pass for example phantom power from a MIDI controller, open for advanced controller functions etc. If you don’t have use for that, don’t worry about it, it will of course also work with all other standard MIDI devices and function as a completely normal MIDI cable.


Highlights Compact low-profile connectors
Active on all 5 pins
Flexible cable
Bends in any angle
Lenght: 60 cm