Morningstar MC8 MC8 MIDI Controller


Universal MIDI-controller with 8 assignable switches, display with preset-names, 480 presets, 4 x omni in/out ports and easy editing.

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The MC8 is the flagship MIDI controller from the Morningstar range that connects directly to both traditional 5-pin and 1/4 inch MIDI devices. The MC8 rewrites the rules of hands-free MIDI control, allowing you to connect directly to both traditional 5-pin and 1/4 inch MIDI devices.

With 4 brand new Omniports, you decide whether each 1/4 inch port acts as a MIDI output, Aux switch input or Expression pedal input. Boasting 30 dual-paged banks of 8 switches, the MC8 gives you quick access 16 fully programmable presets simply by pressing [B+C] to toggle page. A total of 480 preset memory slots are available.

Each switch can be programmed to send different messages based on what action you make, whether it is a single tap, double tap, release and more.

Send up to 16 different MIDI messages with a single switch press. Control up to 16 different MIDI devices via 16 unique selectable MIDI channels. All switches and banks can be named so you always know exactly what they do. Select from more than 20 MIDI message types and functions including PC, CC, Note, SysEx, MIDI Clock and many more.

Sync all your time-based effects via tap tempo or pre-set tempo with the built-in MIDI Clock function on the MC8. Eliminates the need for a separate MIDI clock device.

Control any of your favourite DAWs and music software. Compatible with Windows, Android, OSX and iOS. Sends MIDI to your PC, Mac, phone or tablet. Receive PC, CC, Note and MIDI Clock messages, and relay them through the 5-pin MIDI input and output. Downloadable or Chrome browser-accessible editor available for easy naming and editing.


Highlights The flagship MIDI-controller from Morningstar
8 assignable switches for access to 8 presets (up to 16) pr. bank
480 presets on 30 banks
5-pin MIDI in, out/thru, built-in MIDI Clock
4 x OMNI in/out ports for 1/4" TRS MIDI, expression-pedal or tap-switch
USB-output for USB over MIDI to DAW or software like Ableton Live or Logic Pro
User-friendly and intuitive editor
Power consumption 9V DC center negative (power supply sold separately)*
250 mA
*Can also be powered via USB from i.e. a laptop or via MIDI phantom power (requires 7-pin MIDI-cable)
Dimensions H: 5 cm
W: 22,4 cm
D: 12,5 cm
Weight 878 g.
Miscellaneous In the box:
1 x MC8 MIDI Controller
1 x 30 cm. USB cable