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Mini-sized edition of the Timmy, co-lab between MXR and Paul Cochrane.

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The MXR Timmy Overdrive provides a versatile range of overdrive tones that enhance the natural sound of your guitar and amp setup. With three different clipping options and ingeniously configured Bass and Treble controls, this pedal offers players a ton of options to make the most of their playing and recording experience. The pedal’s based on a design from veteran pedal builder Paul Cochrane. When Paul decided to bring his pedal to a wider audience, he chose to work with the MXR design team. “It’s an honor to work with MXR,” Paul says. “My first ever pedal was a Phase 90.”

The MXR design team worked with Paul to select an op-amp that perfectly complements his expertly crafted design. They chose the LF353, a component well-respected by Dunlop engineers for providing high output, high gain, and hi-fi signal delivery. The resulting MXR Timmy Overdrive is a must-have for players who want sweet, harmonic breakup that responds to playing dynamics and maintains a rig’s personality at a fraction of the standard pedal size.


Highlights Based on the legendary Timmy overdrive
Transparent overdrive, great for boosting an amp
3-clipping types, treble and bass cut controls
Compact size
Bypass True hardwire bypass
Power consumption 9V DC center negative (power supply sold separately)
2,2 mA
Dimensions H: 5,6 cm (incl. footswitch)
W: 3,8 cm
D: 9,1 cm
Weight 151 g.