Origin Effects Cali76 FET Compressor


Upgraded version of the Cali76 with 10-LED bar meter, improved dynamics and more compact size.

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The Cali76 FET Compressor are a studio-grade compresso pedal inspired by the world-famous Urei® 1176® studio compressor, heard on many of the greatest studio recordings since the 1960s. The Cali76 FET Compressor use uncompromising all-analogue circuitry to make these distinctive, ultra-fast FET compression tones available to modern guitarists and bassists.

The latest in a long lineage of Cali76 compressors, the Cali76 FET Compressor features a full set of studio-style controls, a DRY knob for parallel compression and an improved sidechain that matches the response of Origin Effects sought-after large format Cali76 – the pedal that put Origin Effects on the map back in 2012.

With a 10-LED gain reduction meter, a pedalboard friendly enclosure and massive headroom thanks to internally increased voltage, the Cali76 FET Compressor mark the culmination of over a decade of experience making the world’s finest compressor pedals.


Highlights Upgraded version of the Cali76 compressor
1176®-inspired with ultra-fast FET compression
All-analogue signal path
Dedicated Attack, Release and Ratio controls
Dry Blend control for parallel compression
10-LED bar graph gain reduction meter
Voltage increased internally to 24V for high headroom
Optimised for guitar, compatable with line-level signals
Improved dynamic response matches “large format” Cali76
Premium components throughout
Designed and built in England
Bypass Buffered bypass
Power consumption 9V DC center negative (power supply sold separately)
200 mA
Dimensions H: 5,8 cm

 (incl. knobs)
W: 6,4 cm

D: 12,4 cm
Weight 553 g.