Pedaltrain Replacement Tour Case for Classic JR, Novo 18, PT-JR


Professional-grade replacement flight case for Pedaltrain Classic JR, Novo 18, and PT-JR.

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This case accommodates several board sizes (Classic JR, Novo 18, PT-JR). Smaller Pedaltrain sizes in this group (Classic-JR, PT-JR) will have extra room for storage of cables, accessories, etc. In either case, your Pedaltrain will be secure and protected.

The case is designed to accommodate unmodified Pedaltrain pedal boards. Modifications like large raised feet, large handles, protruding in/out panels, and various custom accessories may not fit in the case.


Highlights Engineered to be up to 35% lighter than previous models
6 mm plywood and laminate construction
ATA approved ball corners
Fully recessed carry handles
Lockable latches
Tongue-in-groove aluminum extrusion edging
Tough rubber feet
Fully lined with dense rubberized foam
Lid lined with impact absorbing egg-crate-style foam
Hinged lid with built in lid stop