Rainger FX Flanger X


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The Flanger-X is a digital flanger, the latest in Raingers ‘X’ series of mini-pedals. It does anything from a slight chorus through to a massive modulation, from ‘stationary’ flange tones to ultra-fast wobbles. And it also has a built-in huge rocket launch sound reproduction – to mix in to exaggerate the flanger into a colossal sweep – at some settings overwhelming the actual instrument sound itself!

It features an analogue sound reproduction of a space rocket launch, as it burns through the atmosphere heading to space! This sound is envelope-controlled, or on all the time, or just in specific bursts whenever you press Igor. Add in the amount needed – maybe have it completely silent, or up full to really blast away the cobwebs…

Play the Flanger-X into some sort of drive pedal after it, and it adds a really exciting fizz, with dramatic silence in the quiet bits.

The Flanger-X is a unique flanger; designed to create the real extremes of modulation settings – and everything in between.

The innovative rocket sound adds amazing textural effects and can sound fascinatingly hypnotic, but at the same type incredibly powerful.


Highlights Igor expression-pad included
Bypass True bypass
Power consumption 9V DC center negative (power supply sold separately)
65 mA
Dimensions H: 5,1 cm
W: 4,1 cm
D: 10,4 cm
Weight 195 g.