Red Panda Bit Mixer


Pedalboard friendly high-quality mixer with three inputs.

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Bit Mixer is a small, high-quality mixer designed for pedalboards. It features ultra-low distortion, low noise op amps. High-impedance inputs are designed for guitar, but work with line level signals as well. Each input has a volume knob that goes from off to unity gain.


Highlights Three inputs with separate volume control
Input impedance: 1 MΩ
Output impedance: 1 kΩ
Frequency response (+/- 3 dB): 20 Hz - 40 kHz
Signal-to-noise ratio: 90 dB
Small size
Power consumption 9-18V DC center negative (power supply sold separately)
40 mA
Dimensions H: 4,6 cm (incl. knobs)
W: 11,1 cm
D: 6 cm
Weight 188 g