Reuss Germanium Bender


Tonebender MKII fuzz with NOS OC140 germanium transistors.

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Premium 1960s germanium fuzz tones from this amazing little tonebender mark II based pedal
Made with NPN germanium transistors for modern power polarity and trouble-free pedalboard integration
Uncompromising, true boutique construction, completely handmade in the European Union with a carefully selected and matched trio of vintage new old stock US made KRC brand OC140 germanium transistors (the NPN equivalent to the holy grail OC75/OC81 PNPs of 1960s original pedals).

This pedal represents an unparalled level of quality and craftmanship for the money and rivals any high-end germanium fuzz box costing twice as much. If you are in the market for that true 1960s British mk II fuzz sound in a compact footprint, at a reasonable price, look no further.


Highlights Based on the vintage SolaSound Tonebender MKII fuzz
Carefully matched vintage NOS OC140 NPN germanium transistors
Vintage-style ’through hole’ construction, no SMD
Danish design, handbuilt in Europe
Bypass True bypass
Power consumption 9V DC center negative (power supply sold separately)
25 mA
Dimensions H: 4,9 cm (incl. knobs, feet)
W: 6 cm
D: 11,2 cm
Weight 242 g.