Source Audio Nemesis Delay ADT


Stereo delay with 12 delay modes, 8 presets, freeze, MIDI, tap tempo and analog dry-thru.

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The Source Audio Nemesis Delay ADT is an updated version of Source Audio’s award-winning Nemesis Delay. It has all the tones and features that made the original Nemesis so popular and includes some key updates including an analog dry through signal path.

Analog dry through means that the guitar’s dry signal maintains a 100% pure and unprocessed analog signal adding only the delay you choose. Other new features include enhanced MIDI functionality, 100 factory loaded presets, and an updated collection of delay effects easily accessible with the pedal’s intuitive interface. The updated Nemesis is also compatible with over 1,000 Neuro user presets created for the original Nemesis Delay.

Additional Nemesis Delay ADT features include stereo ins & outs, full MIDI functionality with 5-pin MIDI DIN and through ports, tap tempo with 15 different beat divisions, 8 onboard presets (128 with MIDI), bypass trails, external expression control, and a delay “freeze” function engaged by holding down the tap tempo footswitch.

Nemesis ADT captures the full spectrum of delay effects, starting with a comprehensive collection of meticulously crafted vintage delay tones. The Source Audio engineering team spent over a year studying numerous iconic and sought-after tape and bucket brigade delay units with a staunch dedication to identifying their every nuance and idiosyncrasy. At the opposite side of the spectrum, you’ll find an advanced collection of sophisticated and specialized delay effects.

• DIGITAL: A classic clear digital delay with optional delay time (pitch) modulation. The INTENSITY KNOB controls filtering allowing for low cut (high pass) filters (creating a thinner delay sound) or high cut (low pass) filters (creating a warmer delay sound). Or, set the INTENSITY KNOB at 12 o’clock for a pure, unfiltered delay. The Nemesis features a 56-bit signal path with a 24-bit delay line for pristine digital delays.
• DIFFUSE: This engine features a diffusion effect that smears the attack of the repeated signal, softening it and allowing it to blend in more easily with the unprocessed dry signal. This creates an ethereal sound reminiscent of some reverb effects. There is also some subtle filtering to shape the sound of the repeats.
• ANALOG: This delay engine reproduces the characteristic dark sound of bucket brigade analog delays. Traditional analog bucket brigade delays can be either resonant or warm. This engine focuses on warmth, and was inspired in part by the classic EHX Deluxe Memory Man delay. True to the nature of older bucket brigade delays, treble frequencies are reduced, even on the clean (dry) signal.
• TAPE: A detailed re-creation of classic moving-head tape delays. Repeats are bandwidth limited and have artifacts characteristic of tape delay, such as filtering, preamp saturation, noise, wow and flutter.
• NOISE TAPE: A detailed re-creation of classic fixed-head variable-speed tape delays. Repeats are bandwidth limited and have artifacts characteristic of tape delay, such as filtering, distortion, noise, wow and flutter. NOISE TAPE is grittier and darker than the TAPE engine, and has artifacts that mimic old or damaged tape.
• RESONANT: An analog-voiced delay that beautifully achieves the resonant peaks combined with high and low frequency decay that typifies classic bucket brigade delay pedals.
• SHIFTER: A delay with pitch-shifting on the delayed signal. The pitch shift is static; that is, pitch shifting does not compound with successive repeats.
• HELIX: Combines reverse delay with an octave up pitch shift to create an ambient, shimmering delay that disappears into the upper frequency range.
• REVERSE: A classic reverse tape sound that became popular in 60s psychedelic rock. The Nemesis can create several overlapping reversed delays that fade in and fade out regularly to create a pulsing tremolo effect. The INTENSITY KNOB mixes in additional delay taps to add more layering to the reverse sound.
• DRUM ECHO: A faithfull recreation of the metal drum tape echo effect that seizes the magic of a Binson Echorec rotating drum unit, known for its multiple playback heads and rhythmic delay patterns. 
• OIL CAN: The sound of a 1950’s Tel-Ray Electronics Sound Chamber, an oil can delay famous for haunting and reverberant echoes with a touch of vibrato.
• SLAPBACK: A short echo popularized in 50s rockabilly music and characteristic of many other genres. Based on tape delays, with some minor tweaks.

In addition to the basic 12 delay engines available on the front panel, the Nemesis also features 12 extended delay engines for a total of 24 engines in all. These additional “back 12” effect engines offer a variety of tonal options and can be selected using the Neuro App or via MIDI. Any of these effects can be used to overwrite the default effect engines on the effect dial or can be stored as user presets.

Job one in the development of the Nemesis Delay was to create a flexible, easy-to-use, and great sounding delay pedal. Out of the box, that’s exactly what it is – plug in, select from the twelve onboard delay engines and make beautiful music… simple. But there is much more here than meets the eye – the truly “Big Idea” behind our One Series pedals was to give musicians a second, far deeper, set of options and editing tools with which to craft the perfect tone. The Neuro Desktop Editor and Neuro Mobile App are free downloads for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows.

Additional parameters found in Neuro include Diffusion, Distortion, Wow and Flutter, Advanced Filtering, Sample Rate Reduction,12 different Tap Tempo Beat Divisions, Polyphonic Pitch Shifting and much more. Neuro’s complete collection of delay effects includes “Sweeper” (a modulated filter delay), “Degrade” (with sample rate reduction), “Sequenced Filters,” “Warped Record,” “Chorus,” and more. 

Customized presets can be published to the cloud and made accessible to the entire Neuro Community. To date there are well over 8K published presets available for One Series pedals in Neuro. After editing your preset, burn it directly to the pedal and access it easily without reconnecting the Neuro App.


Highlights Award-winning stereo-delay with analog dry-thru and up to 26 delay algorithms (12 accessible on front of pedal , 14 via Neuro Mobile App)
12 delay modes: Slapback, Digital, Diffuse, Analog, Tape, Noise Tape, Resonant, Shifter, Helix, Reverse, Oil Can and Drum Echo
8 onboard presets, 128 presets via MIDI
Stereo inputs and outputs, expression control
Expression pedal can control each parameter or all simultaneously
Tap tempo with 15 subdivisions, freeze control
Full MIDI compatibility, 5-pin IN and THRU
Deep Editing via Neuro Mobile App
Bypass Selectable true bypass or buffered bypass
Power consumption 9V DC center negative (power supply included)
200 mA
Dimensions H: 5,7 cm (incl. knobs)

W: 11,1 cm

D: 11,6 cm
Weight 450 g.