Stringjoy Signatures 6S Balanced Light 10-48


Premium strings for electric guitar from Nashville, 10-48.

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Stringjoy Signatures electric guitar strings are made by a small team in Nashville, TN, USA, out of all-American materials: our top-quality Nickel-Plated Steel, wound around a high-carbon hexagonal steel core wire.

The combination of better materials and more careful craftsmanship creates a more natural-sounding, longer lasting string, without the tone-deadening effects of string coatings.

Stringjoy Signatures offer a present, focused tone that brings out the true voice of your guitar and the details of your playing style. Their Modern, reconstructed gauges are aimed at balancing the tension, tone, and feel of the strings across the fretboard and their high-mass winding, leading to higher output, fuller tone and improved longevity.

All this results in better tuning stability for the life of the string, longer string life and less breakage, when cared for properly as well as smoother, more balanced playability across the neck of the guitar.


Highlights Nickel wound electric guitar strings
Gauge .010, .0135, .017, .026w, .036, .048
Top quality nickel-plated steel wound around a high-carbon hexagonal steel core
High-mass winding – leads to higher output, fuller tone and improved longevity
Natural sounding, longer lasting strings
Present, focused tone and smoother, more balanced playability
Longer string life and less breakage with better tuning stability
Made in Nashville Tennessee, USA