Strymon Cloudburst


Ambient soundscape/pad reverb with full stereo, TRS MIDI and USB-C.

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Into The Clouds…And Beyond

Instant Ambient Bliss
Sometimes a single pedal can be transformative. It can make your tone bloom in a way that draws the music out of you effortlessly and keeps you engaged for hours. Cloudburst simply produces some of the most gorgeous ambient reverb sounds you’ve ever heard. There is no other pedal like it.

Celestial String Ensemble
Cloudburst’s Ensemble switch reveals a new world of captivating sounds never heard before from a reverb pedal. Use Ensemble subtly to add harmonically rich otherworldly dimensions to your ambient reverb soundscape, or use it liberally to hear a lush synthesized string section swell under your guitar playing. Ensemble reacts to your entire guitar signal smoothly, organically, and musically for a richly responsive and inspiring playing experience.

From Amp-In-A-Closet to Infinite Space
Cloudburst is several distinct reverbs in one, with beautifully tuned, natural sounding small spaces at one end of the Decay knob, and vast, expansive atmospheres at the other. As you turn the Decay control, numerous internal parameters are automatically adjusted, allowing this ambient reverb pedal to produce outstanding studio quality rooms of any size at the turn of a single knob.

Compact With No Compromises
All the premium components, sound quality, and road worthiness you expect from a Strymon reverb pedal are in Cloudburst’s new compact format. It’s got our discrete JFET analog front end, ultra-quiet 116dB signal to noise performance, a powerful ARM Superscalar processor, stereo input/output, and full MIDI control. Featuring unbeatable ease of use and producing some of the finest reverb sounds we’ve ever created, Cloudburst could easily be the only reverb pedal you need on your pedalboard.


Highlights Ambient soundscape/pad reverb
Premium JFET analog front end
520MHz ARM Superscalar processor
32-bit floating point processing
20Hz til 20kHz frequency response
Full stereo input/output
MIDI-compatible via TRS
Expressionpedal-input can control any knob
USB-C input for connecting to computer (i.e. editing via Strymon Nixie editor)
Designed and built in the USA
Bypass Selectable true bypass or buffered bypass
Power consumption 9V DC center negative (power supply sold separately)
250 mA
Dimensions H: 6,4 cm (incl. knobs)
W: 6,9 cm
D: 11,7 cm
Weight 280 g.