Strymon Zuma


High current multi power supply with custom transformers and 9 isolated, regulated outlets.

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Award-winning Strymon from California is by far one of the effects pedal industry’s heavyweight champions within digital signal processing. The company has gathered some of the world’s best engineers to create inspiring, innovative effects that push the limits of technology in music. Strymon’s pedals are made from carefully selected quality components and come in an exquisite, timeless design.


Highlights 9 isolated, regulated high current outlets
Clean, steady power free from noise and hum
7 x 9V DC outlets, 500 mA
2 x 9V, 500mA/12V, 375 mA/18V, 250 mA DC outlets
Two 9V outlets can be combined as one 18V outlet with doubling cable (sold separately)
Two 12V outlets can be combined as one 24V outlet with doubling cable (sold separately)
9 custom transformers
Can be linked with Stymon Ojai (sold separately)
Small size
Fits under most pedalboards
Power consumption 100-240V, 50-60 Hz
Dimensions H: 4,5 cm
W: 17,1 cm
D: 8,6 cm
Weight 534 g
Miscellaneous Cable kit and power cord included

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