Voodoo Lab PPHX HX Current Doubler Adapter


Current doubler for Line6 HX/Helix.

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Combines two high current Pedal Power outputs (500 mA or greater) to power Line 6 HX Effects, Stomp, or Stomp XL. This cable features two black 2.1mm barrel plugs to a single blue 2.5mm plug as used by the Line6 HX and Helix series. Recommended for use with Strymon, Voodoo Lab or other isolated power supplies with similar standard DC sockets. Please note that this cable will not combine the voltages of the original outputs. Only the current supply will be combined.


Highlights Lenght: 46 cm
Fits power supplies from Strymon, Voodoo Lab etc.
ONLY to be used on two completely isolated outlets on an isolated power supply
Outlets should have equal mA, i.e. 2 x 500 mA
Min. 2 x 500 mA recommended to power Line6