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Reverse soundscape generator.

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Once upon a time, in a fairy tale world, there stood a hidden forest. On the eve of every full moon, magical and delicate sounds of light were heard bouncing and reverberating through the trees. These sounds carry artifacts of notes moving backward and stretching through time. They are referred to as… Lore.

Create the soundtrack to your storybook adventure with the Lore Reverse Soundscape Generator. Made up of five different programs, each utilizes different combinations of delay and reverb that feed into each other for time-warping ambient creations. Featuring two DSP chips running in series, each with their own analog feedback path, the Lore takes you on an adventurous journey rich with themes of reversing, time-stretching, pitch-shifting, and vast ambiance.

Analog Feedback Paths:
Having two analog feedback paths allows each program to incorporate a unique mix of affected and unaffected feedback. The two feedback paths interact and build off of each other organically, offering the user a wide array of sounds and behaviors to experiment with.
I. Reverse Delay into Reverse Reverb
II. Reverse Delay into Octave Up Reverb
III. Reverse Delay into Octave Down Reverb
IV. Reverse Reverb into Forward Reverb
V. Pitch Delay into Pitch Delay

Momentary Features:
Dive / Rise – Holding down the tap tempo switch will momentarily shift the clock rate of the pedal down or up and will hold it at that rate for as long as the switch is pressed. The direction of the dive can be changed by simply pressing bypass and tap simultaneously. A green LED over tap will indicate rise is set and a blue LED will indicate that dive is set.

The Mod knob will control the amount of modulation applied to the wet signal. Holding down bypass and adjusting the Mod knob will adjust the modulation rate. The bypass LED will blink to show your set mod rate.


Highlights Reverse delay and reverb with modulation
5 different programs
2 DSP chips run in series with analog feedback path
Momentary dive/rise, tap-tempo
Topmounted jacks, soft-touch switches
Made in USA
Bypass Buffered bypass
Power consumption 9V DC center negative (power supply sold separately)
300 mA
Dimensions H: 5,7 cm (incl. knobs)
W: 9,1 cm
D: 12,1 cm
Weight 382 g.