Disaster Area MIDI Baby 3


MIDI-controller with 3 programmable footswitches.

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What can you do with a MIDI Baby 3? Just about anything, but here are some ideas:

Send tap tempo or MIDI clock to several MIDI devices
Scroll through presets or banks on your MIDI pedals using MIDI Program Change messages
Toggle special functions on your MIDI devices using MIDI CC messages
Control your DAW or other audio apps using MIDI Note messages
Convert a standard volume or expression pedal to a MIDI expression pedal
Interface directly with 1/4″ MIDI devices such as Alexander, Chase Bliss, Meris, or Empress. Control up to four devices using two Y-cables.
Send MIDI messages to USB MIDI devices like Zoom MultiStomp, Red Panda Tensor and Particle V2, or the Source Audio C4 Synthesizer

Connect MIDI Baby 3 to your computer using the supplied USB cable, then launch our intuitive web configuration tool. You can then configure MIDI Baby 3 to send a wide variety of useful MIDI messages, configure its inputs and outputs, and even change the LED colors for each function.

Send program changes, continuous controller messages, MIDI notes, and more. Special “meta” commands allow you to change how the MIDI Baby 3 works on the fly, so you can invert or re-order messages. Finally, a built-in MIDI clock option allows you to send clock to your connected MIDI devices.


Highlights 5-pin MIDI-in/out
MIDI input using Disaster Area MIDI Y-cable, passes through any incoming data.
MultiJacks A and B – MIDI output (on tip, ring, or both,) MIDI input & output (input on ring, output on tip,) expression pedal, or dual footswitch.
USB MIDI7USB Host – functions as USB MIDI controller to your DAW or mobile device, or as a USB host to a compatible USB MIDI device (Red Panda, Source Audio C4, Zoom and more)
Compact size
Made in USA
Power consumption 9V DC center negative (power supply sold separately)
30 mA
Dimensions H: 6 cm (incl. footswitches)
W: 11,2 cm
D: 6 cm